We are a factory of press brake.guillotine shear.Mainly produce hydraulic press brake and CNC guillotine shear.
  • Adjustment and Operation of Swing Beam Shear

    1. Adjust the gap between blades of swing beam shearing machine

    The blade gap is very important to the quality of cutting and the life of blades, please check and do adjustment according to the gap adjusting reference table as below.

    When adjust the gap (above picture), it needs to loosen the tight screw, and then turn the hand-wheel to the requested value after calculated by the thickness of plate, then tight it. There is a ball valve (on right side of machine, outside of cylinder). It is used for check value the coincidence gap between up and low blade. Proper adjustment of shearing machine tools will increase life of cutting tools and cutting performance.


    Detail ways: at manual mode, when cutting frame go to down-dead spot, close to the oil circuit rapidly, the cutting frame will stay at down-dead spot, then turn on the ball valve a little by a little, the cutting frame will go up step by step on the all stroke. And then can measure the coincidence value of gap between blades.


    2. Operation

    2.1 Preparation of machine

    (1) Remove the squaring arm and foot pedal from hand guard area. Set up the squaring arm on left hand side (Close to electrical panel) by bolting down to the machine table and two side holes.

    (2) Clear the dirty oil on components, pay attention that the ball valve should be at open position.

    (3) Lubricate all the necessary spots.

    (4) Supply HL46 hydraulic oil in oil tank (about 200L each machine).

    (5) Connect the earth line, switch on, and check the working action of all electrics.


    2.2 Start up the swing beam shearing machine

    Push “START” button and release.

    Motor “on” indicator light turns on.

    Put mode selector from MAN to AUTO position.

    Step the foot switch, the cutting frame will go down to cut.

    If not, that means motor is running in wrong direction. Switch off power supply. Reverse starts motor again, any of the two phase wires. The top blade carrier will rise and stop when it hit limit switch.


    2.3 Motorized Back gauge

    The motorized back gauge readout is accurately set in factory and it should be corresponds to the distance measure from back gauge bar to the cutting edge of swing beam shear.

    Push “+” button to bring back gauge bar to the rear, reading is increase and stops when hitting maximum travel limit switch L/S 3.

    Push “-” button to bring back gauge bar to the front, reading is decrease and stops when hitting minimum travel limit switch L/S 4.

    The parallelism of back gauge of our shearing machine is pre-set in factory; however it can be calibrated when necessary.

    Bring back gauge bar to the rear for removing anti-rust coating prior to cutting.



    (1) The pressure table should be on during cutting, and check the pressure, if it shows wrong, may adjust the overflow valve.

    (2) During the operation, if there is deviant noise or the oil tank over temperature, should stop the machine immediately, and the temperature of the oil tank should not exceed 60℃


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  • Installation of hydraulic swing beam shear

    1. Packing / Shipment of swing beam shear

    All machines left the factory are packed and fixed with squaring arm and foot panel tied to the hand guard. A bag of working hand tools and operation manual is lock inside the electrical panel. All exposed surfaces on machine are coated with rust guard, easily removable by kerosene or solvent.


    1. Lifting the swing beam shear

    Use only approved and safe wire rope to lift this machine from two lifting point which is located at both side frame of the machine.


    1. Foundation

    All our hydraulic swing beam shears are designed to be free standard. However, a good quality reinforced concrete floor with a minimum thickness of 150mm should be used.


    1. Installation

    This machine must be properly leveled to give a good cut. Leveling is done by putting a good leveling gauge at the plate hold down area. Always pre-prepare five pieces of base plate (dimension 150 × 150 × 9mm, minimum) below machine footing to prevent leveling screw from digging into the concrete floor. On completion of leveling, a cement grout mixture must be packed under and around the feet to maintain correct leveled position.


    1. Electrical Installation

    Be sure that the local power supply is suitable for hydraulic shearing machine before any electrical power up. Connect power cable to the bottom left of electrical panel to R.S.T.E. terminal.


    Some shear machine may require N (Neutral) wire connection.

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  • Main Structure of Dafu’s Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine


    1. Machine frame: Steel-welded plate, high rigidity. Two cylinders fix on left and right vertical pole of shearing machine. Installed vice cut-board on worktable conveniently adjust low-cut board. Keep the gap between up-cut and low-cut coincidence. Install feed ball on worktable, operation is convenient and fast.

    2. Sheet metal cutting tool frame: welded plate, high rigidity, is support at eccentric socket, by left and right cylinders and stroke cylinder drive, finish cutting by pendulum repeat. The vertical surface of up-cut support is curve; keep the gap between up-cut and low-cut coincidence.

    3. Pressure device: it is consisted of some pressure feed cylinders installed at support board in front of machine frame of hydraulic swing beam shearing machine. Oil flow in pressure feed cylinder, pressure head press down against the pull force of stress spring, press plate tightly. Finish cutting, the cylinders are reset by the pull force of stress spring. The pressure is bigger as thicker as the thickness of plate.

    4. Front gauge and back gauge: Front gauge: fixed on worktable, valve display on ruler, adjust mobile bar to necessity valve. When cut thin steel plate, cut it conveniently on front gauge. Back gauge of hydraulic shear is fixed on up-cut board, pendulum up and down as up-cut board. Adjust back gauge by 0.55Kw motor, reduce through gear, and drive by control rod. Brake down the button “+” (or”_”), can adjust gauge to front or back. When mechanic adjustment cannot get the necessity valve, turn hand-wheel to demand valve, the adjustment of back gauge is convenient and reliability.

    The standard range of back gauge is 20-750mm. When the length of cutting plate is longer than the max distance of back gauge, remove the back gauge to the least place, lift up the board by the incline surface of support frame, and can cut any length of plate.

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  • Sheet Metal Bending Technology Ⅱ

    2011-11-22    bending radius

    While bending process of sheet metal, there is bending radius, bending radius can’t be too big or too small, should choose bending radius properly. If bending radius is too small, bent part sheet metal will cracked; if bending radius is too big, bending rebound will happen.    Bending rebound

    Rebound angle Δα=b-a

    b-actual angle after rebound of bent sheet metal;

    a-angle of die.    Interference phenomenon while bending

    For twice or above twice bending, there is always interference phenomenon between bent sheet metal and bending tools, as shown in figure 1-6, the black position is interfered part, bending process can’t be done for this case, or sheet metal will deform due to interference.

    Figure 1-6 interference phenomenon of bending

    For such kind case, we can choose different shape bending tools to avoid interference phenomenon. Check figure 1-7 for various bending tools available.

    Figure 1-7 various bending tools

      Once die edge bending

    Method of die edge bending process: check figure 1-8, first use 30° die to form sheet metal to 30°, and then press to flat.

    Figure 1-8, die edge bending method    180° bending

    Method of 180° bending: check figure 1-9, first use 30° die to form sheet metal to 30°, and then press to flat, and take out base pad.

    Figure 1-9 180° bending

    H is the thickness of plate, such as 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm.1.5mm, and 2.0mm. Normally, thickness of plate can’t be too big.     Tripartite folds die edge forming

    See figure 1-10, first shape forming, and then die edge forming.

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  • Sheet Metal Bending Technology Ⅰ


    Bending process of sheet metal refers to forming process of changing angle of sheet metal. For instance, bend sheet metal, to V shape, U shape and etc. Regularly, there are two bending method: one is moulds bending for complicated structure forming with small size and large quantity process; the other one is press brake bending for large dimension bending production. Mostly, press brakes are widely used in sheet metal bending.


    Different bending method, different bending principle, they are chosen according to different production purpose.

    1.1.1          Moulds bending

    For annual production quantity is more than 5000pcs, and size of parts is not too big of bending (usually 300×300mm), normally, it is better to think about build special punch moulds for processing.    frequently-used bending moulds

    Frequently-used bending moulds, as figure 1-1 show: in order prolong lift of moulds, it is better to adopt fillet when design moulds.

    1.1.2          Press brake for bending process

    Press brakes include conventional press brake and CNC press brake. CNC press brake is chosen to bend irregular shape and high accurate works. Its principle is to utilize bending tools (upper die) and V groove (down die), to do forming of sheet metal.

    Advantage: convenient to clamp, accurate locating and fast bending speed

    Disadvantage: lower pressure, only for bending simple shape, lower forming efficiency, but with advanced CNC press brake, complicated shape can be formed with continuous bending process.    basic principle of forming process

    For basic principle of press brake, refer to figure 1-2.

    1)      bending tool(upper die)

    shape of bending tools refer to figure 1-3, shapes of bending tools are determined according to actual needed shape of sheet metal.

    Figure 1-3 shapes bending tools

    2)      down die V=6t(t is thickness of sheet metal)

    There are many factors to affect bending process, mostly, radius of circular arc of upper die, material, thickness of sheet metal, strength of down die, mouth dimension of down die and etc. Check figure 1-3, left three ones are upper die, and right two are down die.

    Basic principle of bending sequence:

    1)       Bend from inside to outside

    2)       Bend from small to large

    2)       Bend special and complicated shape first and then be bend common shape

    3)       Former bending doesn’t affect latter bending.

    Please check figure 1-4 of two common bending formations

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  • Basic maintenance of press brake


    There are three kind different press brakes: manual press brake, hydraulic press brake and CNC press brake. Hydraulic press brakes could be classified according to different method of synchronization; they are twisted shaft synchronization, mechanical-hydraulic synchronization and electro-hydraulic synchronization.


    Before maintain hydraulic press bake, it needs to low up die to down die and then shut down machine until maintenance works done, if have to start up machine to make some operation, it should choose manual mode to ensure safety.


    Maintenance of hydraulic bending machine includes:

    1. Check hydraulic circuit

    (1)    Check oil lever of oil tank, it also has to check it after repair hydraulic system, once oil level of lower than oil indicator, add hydraulic pressure oil to make sure there is enough pressure;

    (2)    Recommended hydraulic oil could be ISO HM46 or MOBIL DTE25;

    (3)    Change new oil after 2000 hours continuous working of new press brake, and after that, change new oil every 4000-6000 hours of machining, clean oil tank each time when replace used oil;

    (4)    Regular temperature of oil should be 35℃-60℃, can’t exceed 70℃, if temperature of oil is too high, it will affect oil quality and damaged relative accessories;

    1.  Filter of hydraulic press brake

    (1)    Clean completely or replace present filter while change new oil each time;

    (2)    Change new filter if there is alarm relative to filter or oil is not clean;

    (3)    There is air filter on the oil tank, check and clean it every 3 months, it’s better to change new one after one year use;

    1.  Hydraulic components

    (1)    Clean every hydraulic components of press brake every month(base plate, valve, motor, pump, oil pipes and etc.), to avoid dirt get in to recycling system; do not use any detergent;

    (2)    After one month use of new hydraulic bending machine, check if there is deformation of each bent position of pipes, if there is something abnormal , change with new ones, after two months of use, must tighten every connecting part of whole system, it needs to shut machine when do this job to release pressure of machine.

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