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Sheet Metal Bending Technology Ⅱ

2011-11-22    bending radius

While bending process of sheet metal, there is bending radius, bending radius can’t be too big or too small, should choose bending radius properly. If bending radius is too small, bent part sheet metal will cracked; if bending radius is too big, bending rebound will happen.    Bending rebound

Rebound angle Δα=b-a

b-actual angle after rebound of bent sheet metal;

a-angle of die.    Interference phenomenon while bending

For twice or above twice bending, there is always interference phenomenon between bent sheet metal and bending tools, as shown in figure 1-6, the black position is interfered part, bending process can’t be done for this case, or sheet metal will deform due to interference.

Figure 1-6 interference phenomenon of bending

For such kind case, we can choose different shape bending tools to avoid interference phenomenon. Check figure 1-7 for various bending tools available.

Figure 1-7 various bending tools     Once die edge bending

Method of die edge bending process: check figure 1-8, first use 30° die to form sheet metal to 30°, and then press to flat.

Figure 1-8, die edge bending method    180° bending

Method of 180° bending: check figure 1-9, first use 30° die to form sheet metal to 30°, and then press to flat, and take out base pad.

Figure 1-9 180° bending

H is the thickness of plate, such as 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm.1.5mm, and 2.0mm. Normally, thickness of plate can’t be too big.     Tripartite folds die edge forming

See figure 1-10, first shape forming, and then die edge forming.

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