CNC Press Machine ZYB-125T

CNC Press Machine ZYB-125T

CNC press brake is consisted of support frame, working table, punch and die, deflection compensation, CNC control system and etc.

There are normally 3+1, 4+1 control axes and extra control axis is available according to customers’ requirement.

There are two types of working tables of press brake we built, regular type and concave-convex type. Regular type working table could equip with die of four sides with grooves, heavy duty CNC press brake could equip with universal die; concave-convex working table regularly equips with segmented concave-convex die, which is suitable for high precision bending works, such as tiny pieces or boxes. Back gauge of CNC press brakes are driven by servo motors, high programming accuracy of CNC control system, swift reaction. Upper slider of CNC press brake is controlled by proportional valve, controlled by CNC system, to realize balance of cylinders, and make sure synchronous movement of both cylinders to increase bending accuracy.

There are two types deflection compensation system of CNC Press Machine ZYB-125Ton available, mechanical compensation and hydraulic compensation, normally, hydraulic compensation is used for press brakes with small tons, on the contrary, and press brakes with large tons are equipped with mechanical compensation system, compensation value is given by CNC control system, and this value come from feedback of linear scale which detects deformation of working table, caused by bending force from upper punch upon die. We regularly use Holland DELEM DA52, DA56, DA65 DA69, and Italy ESA S530 and S540 for our CNC press brakes, top brand, top performance and top stability worldwide.

Item ZYB-125Ton×2500mm ZYB-125Ton×3200mm ZYB-125Ton×4000mm
Nominal force(KN) 1250 1250 1250
Bending length(mm) 2500 3200 4000
Distance between Poles(mm) 1900 2700 3500
Depth of throat(mm) 400 400 400
Slider travel(mm) 200 200 200
Worktable height(mm) 800 800 800
Die loading height 420 420 420
Main power(Kw) 11 11 11
Number of cylinder compensation 3 3 3
CNC control axes 4+1 4+1 4+1
Back gauge travel(mm) 500 500 500
Back gauge speed(mm/s) 200 200 200
Weight(KGs) 8700 9500 10,500
Overall dimension(L×W×H mm) 3200×1580×2500 3700×1600×2500 4500×1600×2500
Relationship between “Ton” and bending thickness:
"Ton" =65×thickness×thickness×length/(width of groove), width of groove= 8×thickness
Ton=65×T2×L/8×T, T=8×Ton/(65×L)

For model CNC Press Machine ZYB-125Ton×2500mm

125=65×T2×2.5/8×T, so thickness of normal steel plate T≈6mm
The Max metal sheet plate to bend by ZYB-125Ton×2500mm has size 6×2500mm

For model CNC Press Machine ZYB-125Ton×3200mm

125=65×T2×3.2/8×T, so thickness of normal steel plate T≈4.8mm
The Max metal sheet plate to bend by ZYB-125Ton×3200mm has size 4.8×3200mm

For model CNC Press Machine ZYB-125Ton×4000mm

125=65×T2×4/8×T, so thickness of normal steel plate T≈3.85mm
The Max metal sheet plate to bend by ZYB-125Ton×4000mm has size 3.85×4000mm