Hydraulic Guillotine Shears QC11Y-10

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears QC11Y-10

1、The entire machine is in fully steel welded structure, with stress eliminated by vibration aging technology, typical of excellent rigidity and stability.

2、Advanced hydraulic integrated valve block is employed, and the pipeline connection is minimized in a compact structure, to enhance the system reliability and maintainability.

3、Oil cylinders in series ensures the shearing angle not to change during the shearing process of the machine tool.

4、Accumulator return is stable and fast.

5、Blade gap is adjusted with handwheel, in an accurate, rapid, and easy way.

6、The shearing angle is adjustable, to minimize the distortion of sheet bar.

7、Electric rear stopper and position display can be easily and accurately operated.

8、Rolling material support ball is set, to minimize fish tail with sheet bar and to reduce frictional resistance.

Item QC11Y-10×2500mm QC11Y-10×3200mm
Cutting thickness(mm) 10 10
Cutting length(mm) 2500 3200
Cutting angle(°) adjustable 1-3° 1-3°
Material Strength(KN/CM) ≤450 ≤450
Back gauge travel(mm) 750 750
Main power(kw) 11 15
Weight(kg) 6600 8500
Dimension(mm) 3140×1800×1700 3855×1830×2390
Item QC11Y-10×4000mm QC11Y-10×5000mm QC11Y-10×6000mm
Cutting thickness(mm) 10 10 10
Cutting length(mm) 4000 5000 6000
Cutting angle(°) adjustable 1-3° 1-3° 1-3°
Material Strength(KN/CM) ≤450 ≤450 ≤450
Back gauge travel(mm) 750 750 750
Main power(kw) 15 15 15
Weight(kg) 12000 18000 24000
Dimension(mm) 4640×2100×2000 5400×2400×2100 6480×2100×2350