Hydraulic Bending Press WC67Y-125T

Hydraulic Bending Press WC67Y-125T

DAFU’s hydraulic bending press WC67Y-125ton is consisted of support stand, working table, synchronous mechanism and sheet metal stop system.

Support stand includes upper slider, riser and base.
Slider: adopt hydraulic transmission; slider is consisted of slide part, hydraulic cylinders and fine adjustment system of mechanical stop, left and right cylinders are fixed on machine frame, and slide part is driven up and down via pistons of two cylinders, digital indicator shows position of movement;
Working table: it is controlled by control panel, motor drives back gauge forward and backward, it’s minimum unit is 0.01mm(limit switch of at two ends of travel);
The Synchronous mechanism hydraulic bending press includes twist shaft, swing arm and oscillating bearing and etc. simple and stable, high accuracy of synchronous.
Back gauge of sheet metal bending machine is controlled by motor and indicated position by digital indicator.

Item WC67Y-125Ton×2500mm WC67Y-125Ton×3200mm WC67Y-125Ton×4000mm
Nominal force(KN) 1250 1250 1250
Worktable length(mm) 2500 3200 4000
Distance between holes(mm) 2120 2580 3000
Depth of throat(mm) 320 320 320
Slider travel(mm) 120/150 120/150 120/150
Max open height(mm) 320/350 370/400 370/400
Main power(Kw) 7.5/11 7.5/11 7.5/11
Weight(KGs) 6400 7200 8800
Overall dimension(L×W×H mm) 2500×1600×2400 3200×1600×2600 4000×1600×2700
Relationship between “Ton” and bending thickness:
"Ton" =65×thickness×thickness×length/(width of groove), width of groove= 8×thickness
Ton=65×T2×L/8×T, T=8×Ton/(65×L)

For model Hydraulic Bending Press WC67Y-125Ton×2500mm

125=65×T2×2.5/8×T, so thickness of normal steel plate T≈6mm
The Max metal sheet plate to bend by WC67Y-125Ton×2500mm has size 6×2500mm

For model Hydraulic Bending Press WC67Y-125Ton×3200mm

125=65×T2×3.2/8×T, so thickness of normal steel plate T≈4.8mm
The Max metal sheet plate to bend by WC67Y-125Ton×3200mm has size 4.8×3200mm

For model Hydraulic Bending Press WC67Y-125Ton×4000mm

125=65×T2×4/8×T, so thickness of normal steel plate T≈3.85mm
The Max metal sheet plate to bend by WC67Y-125Ton×4000mm has size 3.85×4000mm