Hydraulic Press Brake Machine WC67Y-50T

Hydraulic Press Brake Machine WC67Y-50T

DAFU's Hydraulic Press Brake Machine WC67Y-50ton is consisted of support stand, working table, synchronous mechanism and sheet metal stop system. It is a kind of conventional hydraulic press brake machine; it is able to bend sheet metal with Max. length 2500mm, other special size is available according to actual needs.

Standard Hydraulic Press Brake Machine WC67Y-50ton hydraulic press brake is equipped with multi groove bottom die and goose upper lunch, which is fixed to upper frame with fast tool changer as optional. This kind design is suitable for applying multiple applications new no tools switch, time saved, efficiency improved.

Welded steel plate of whole machine to ensure rigidity of press brakes, vibration is adopted to remove inner stress; we have good equipments to machine parts of hydraulic press brake to make sure good accuracy of components, to realize good precision of bending works.

Item WC67Y-50Ton×2500mm
Nominal force(KN) 500
Worktable length(mm) 2500
Distance between holes(mm) 1850
Depth of throat(mm) 230
Slider travel(mm) 100
Max open height(mm) 320
Main power(Kw) 5.5
Weight(KGs) 3400
Overall dimension(L×W×H mm) 2500×1210×2000
Relationship between “Ton” and bending thickness:
"Ton" =65×thickness×thickness×length/(width of groove), width of groove= 8×thickness
Ton=65×T2×L/8×T, T=8×Ton/(65×L)

For model Hydraulic Press Brake Machine WC67Y-50Ton×2500mm

50=65×T2×2.5/8×T, so thickness of normal steel plate T≈2.5mm
The Max metal sheet plate to bend by WC67Y-50Ton×2500mm has size 2.5×2500mm