Plate Shearing Machine

QC12Y Hydraulic Pendulum Plate Shearing Machine Video

Dafu build and supply three different type plate shearing machine, they are hydraulic guillotine shear, hydraulic swing beam shearing machine and CNC guillotine shear. Dafu choose high quality components from reputed manufacturer for our plate shearing machines.

For economical hydraulic swing beaming shearing machine, whole machine use integral welded steel plate structure, hydraulic transmission, energy accumulator to drive move cutting tool back up to upper limit position, easy operation and stable performance; There is indicator of gap of cutting tool, easy to adjust; there is light alignment unit to control cutting travel, easy and convenient to adjust; working table is equipped with rolling balls to hold down plate with scratch of plate to cut, reduce frictional resistance; there are NC controller available as optional for economical hydraulic swing beam shearing machine, with NC controller, machine will display position of back stopper, multi-steps programming ability to realize continuous motion of back stopper and automatic adjustment of back stopper position; cutting counting function to indicate cutting numbers at real time, power off memory, programming and parameters setting; adopt imported ball screw, linear guideway to guaranty accuracy of positioning, to increase cutting position; There are E20, E200 and MD20, DAC310 NC controller available.

Plate Shearing Machines For Sale

- Dafu have Hydraulic Pendulum Plate Shearing Machines For Sale.