QC12Y-25 Hydraulic Plate Shear

QC12Y-25 Hydraulic Plate Shear

1、Sheet plate structure is adopted.with hydraulic transmission and accumulator return,typical of an easy operation,reliable performance,and nice appearance.fitted with digital display system.

2、Indication by indicator is provided for adjustment of blade clearance,for a handy and prompt adjustment.

3、Alignment device with lighting and control device for shearing stroke are set,with a handy and prompt adjustment.

4、Rolling material support ball is provided,to minimize fish tail with sheet bar and to reduce frictional resistance.

5、The machine toos is provided with the functions of digital display,soft limit,as well as prompt for one-way positioning clearance,and automatic countiong for shearing.

6、The rear stopper is fitted with coder and digital display system,so that the position of rear stopper is displayed more accurately,thus to further enhance the shearing precision of this machine.

Item QC12Y-25×2500mm QC12Y-25×3200mm
Cutting thickness(mm) 25 25
Cutting length(mm) 2500 3200
Cutting angle(°)
Material Strength(KN/CM) ≤450 ≤450
Stopper adjust range 20-1000 20-1000
Travel times(time/minute) 8 5
Main power(kw) 37 37
Weight(kg) 20000 24000
Dimension(mm) 3440×2400×2500 4150×2400×2700
Item QC12Y-25×4000mm QC12Y-25×5000mm QC12Y-25×6000mm
Cutting thickness(mm) 25 25 25
Cutting length(mm) 4000 5000 6000
Cutting angle(°) adjustable
Material Strength(KN/CM) ≤450 ≤450 ≤450
Stopper adjust range 20-1000 20-1000 20-1000
Travel times(time/minute) 4 4 4
Main power(kw) 37 37 37
Weight(kg) 30000 40000 54000
Dimension(mm) 4850×2700×2400 6100×2700×2500 6900×3`00×3200