Press Brake:

Q: Why upper slide can only go up or just can go down?

A: Valve group is easy to block or haven’t been adjust properly and evenly, it leads to slide just go up and not go down, or just go down and not go up. It means there is some problem with direction changing valve.

Q: Why there is no pressure when upper die touch plate?

A: When up die go and touch plate, but there is no pressure, it is mainly caused by leakage of oil cylinder, oil pump, pipes, or tubes leakage inside of oil tank.

Q: What’s the situation will caused by block of valve group?

A: When up die go down and can’t give pressure, may be caused by block of valve group.

Q: Why down movement of slide is unbalanced?

A: When down movement of slide is unbalanced, first adjust eccentric shaft, if travel of oil cylinder is inconsistent, it needs to adjust travel bar.

Q: Why slide can’t go up and down?

A: When slide not going up or down, overflow valve may be stuck, clean it.

Q: What are the regular easy-wear parts?

A: There is worm gear, piston and seal ring, these are easy-wear parts, replace them when they wear out.


Guillotine Shear:

Q: Why there is no action of cutting tool when step on food switch?

A: Malfunction of hydraulic valve blocked.Phenomenon: after start up machine, without stepping foot switch, cutting tool slides to lowest position by itself and can’t move up, then when step foot switch(make sure foot switch is OK), there is no action of cutting tool.

Q: Why back gauge adjustment is not accurate?

A: Travel limit switch is easy to not work properly; it will cause the adjustment of back gauge not accurate.

Q: Why counting and display is not accurate?

A. Plate shearing machine with control system is equipped with encoder, encoder is easy to loosen, it will cause counting or display not accurate.

Q: Why cutting tool doesn’t go back?

A: If cutting tool doesn’t move back up, first of all, check if hydraulic valve is blocked, or there is air enter valve, disassemble and clean it. If there is no problem with valve, then there will be problem with nitrogen cylinder, there is no sufficient nitrogen, it mainly acts as that cutting tool move back intermittently or doesn’t move back at all. For this situation, it needs to add nitrogen. Check nitrogen cylinder and check nozzle and pipe of nitrogen, pour some water on nitrogen nozzle and see if there is bubble, same way to check other position, if necessary, disassemble whole nitrogen cylinder to merge in water to check if there is leakage. Then aerate nitrogen, if there is leakage, it needs to change seal rings, or change a new nitrogen cylinder.

Q: Why cutting tool don’t go back at lowest position?

A: If cutting tool goes down to lowest position and don’t go back, first of all, check indicate light of hydraulic valve to see if it has power connected correctly, after disassemble valve group, cutting tool go back at once and fast speed, it is normal and it indicates that there is something wrong with valve, after clean it, it still doesn’t work, then it is necessary to replace it.

Q: Why shear machine is unable to cut thick plate?

A: Pate shearing machine is able to cut pate properly, but it can’t cut large thickness plate, the it indicates that there is not enough pressure, or there is some problem with oil cylinder.

Q: How to solve problem of back gauge malfunction?

A: Back gauge malfunction, phenomenon is chain of back gauge is loose or broken. Transmission screw and polished bar is twist, back gauge can’t even move, it is necessary to adjust it manually

Q: Why the accuracy of back gauge is not good?

A: After long term of use, accuracy of back gauge is not good enough, it is caused by back stopper were hit by plate for many times, it needs to adjust screw of stopper of back gauge.

Q: What’s the problem of insufficient oil of oil cylinders?

A: Insufficient oil of oil cylinders or inner leakage will cause shearing machine can’t cut plate, it needs to replace seal rings.